Solar-Powered Home Products

The ever-changing market of solar-powered home products has created some very interesting new solar powered products consumers should review. New panels, energy storage systems, and solar racking systems from LG, Panasonic, Sunflare, and more.

With solar energy systems in high demand across the country and California’s solar mandate set to start in 2020, the time is now to investigate the solar industry and what it has to offer, both for you and your customers. Below are a few of the market’s latest innovations in panels, mounting systems, and energy storage.

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New Solar-Powered Home Products

Energy Efficient Solar-Powered Home Products

New Solar-Powered Home Products

The LiteMount series of rackless solar modules is designed to serve as an alternative to traditional silicon solar racks for metal roof placement. The modules integrate seamlessly with metal roof attaching systems and weigh less than 1 pound per square foot installed. These new solar powered products are rated to handle a wind-load of up to 42 pounds per square foot and are shatter-proof, as they have no glass coating. A bypass diode is included at every cell, which keeps the panel active in any level of sunlight, apart from full shade.

LG NeON R Ace is LG’s latest high-performance AC solar panel, set to be available for purchase later 2019. It delivers a direct current power output of up to 375W alongside an integrated 320W micro-inverter. According to the firm these solar-powered home products are fully integrated systems that save time, space, and money for homeowners and installers, and eliminates the need to install a separate inverter. The panel is compatible with EnerVu, an app-based monitoring service, through the EnerBox solar accessory. Users can monitor the system via the app and alert LG customer service if issues occur.

Here’s a list of new solar powered products from Solaria. PowerXT 370 Wp, PowerXT 365-Wp-AC and PowerXT 440Wp are new, higher-powered editions of Solaria’s existing solar panel series. The updated panels offer over 20% efficiency, a design with no visible circuitry, and a 25-year warranty. They also allow users to maximize their power output from their roof layout in a way that does not compromise the home’s aesthetics, says the firm. The PowerXT 365-Wp-AC includes integrated microinverters that provide an increased energy harvest from the panels and a decrease in installation time and overhead.

Liftmaster is now offering solar-powered home products. The 12VDC Solar Residential Linear Actuator Package is a swing gate operator optimized for —and packaged with—a solar panel power source. The full kit includes the operator, control box, and a 12-volt solar panel, which provides up to 126 days of standby power to the gate operator. It is myQ enabled, allowing users to control and monitor the gate using the myQ app. The hardware includes a heavy-duty DC motor, offers smooth start/stop and mid-travel reversal, and provides industrial surge protection against strikes up to 50 feet away.

Panasonic offers a modular design for new solar powered products. The EverVolt residential energy storage system features a modular design that may be scaled as low as 5.7 kilowatt-hours of energy storage or as high as 34.2kWh. It is available in AC- and DC- coupled editions, easy to install and field serviceable, and compatible with any solar system or inverter. Homeowners may shift between multiple operating modes using an associated smartphone app.

The Sol-Ark 8K programmable solar inverter is designed to manage grid, solar, battery, load, and generator power simultaneously. These solar-powered home products systems provide 120/240V split-phase power, mimicking grid power supply, may also be used in grid-connected, hybrid, or off-grid systems alike.

Each system order is customizable to a household’s individual power needs, depending on the home’s location, sun exposure, projected energy usage, and anticipated off-grid operation. A single system may support between five to 36 solar panels and zero to 32 solar batteries. An optional EMP, solar flare and lightning protection upgrade system is also available.

Solar Stack
The Solar Stack solar panel mounting system is designed to attach to residential tile roofs using the same foam adhesive used to install roof tiles. No roof penetrations are required for installation, which reduces the risk of leaks associated with traditional solar racking penetrations, according to the manufacturer.

Each of these new solar powered products in the Solar Stack system is supported by a series of eight-inch titanium alloy pedestals, which are positioned in stacks of two between each panel. The system is UL-certified, and has been approved for use in High Velocity Hurricane Zones, including Miami-Dade County.

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