CAD Drawing Tools: Draw and Edit

Cad Drawing Tools

Easy to Use

CAD drawing tools are used in the construction of basic shapes, that can be easily combined to create detailed drawings. Draw tools are just a simple mouse click away and consist of rectangles, squares, circles, ovals, open or closed polygons, multigons, arcs, lines, and free-formed splines.


All toolboxes are floating and dockable for your convenience allowing you to maintain infinite work space and customizable views.

Combine Draw and Snap Tools

Combine Draw Tools with Snap Tools for quick and precise drafting power! These powerful features allow for the Draw Tools to work in conjunction with all Snap tools. You can precisely draw from and locate endpoints, midpoints, etc. when starting and finishing with any of CAD Pro’s Draw tools.

Edit Quickly

Edit tools offer precise power to quickly change any object that you’ve created within your designs, as well as files you’ve imported from other programs.

Draw With Just a Mouse Click

With a simple mouse click CAD Pro’s powerful cad drawing tools let you Resize, Rotate, Skew, and Trim objects, and much more.

Easily Add Fillets and Chamfers

Quickly add fillets and chamfers to your designs with CAD Pro’s unique Fillet & Chamfer tools. These tools are designed to work with a simple click and drag of the mouse, or you can choose to use the keyboard entry options.

Advanced Editing

The advanced Edit tools let you quickly select and edit individual or groups of points within your design saving you time and effort.

High Level of Accuracy

Always maintain a high level of accuracy when combining the Edit tools with Snap tools. This lets you edit your design in reference to any objects: tangent, perpendicular, parallel, as well as intersections and much more.

Do it all in a single CAD Pro Software document!