Networking Support

Full Networking Support

CAD Pro offers full support for your networking needs small or large.  CAD Pro is unprecedented with its full support of Windows networking features for home or business.

Optimized for Windows Explorer:

To open a CAD Pro file, all you have to do is simply double click on the desired file. CAD Pro files can also be click-and-dragged on to the CAD Pro program icon for automatic opening of files. You can quickly print your files without having to launch the program, simply click-and-drag any CAD Pro file(s) on top of your printer icon for fast and simple printing.

Optimized for Windows fast user switching:

The advanced optimized features allow multiple user log-on sessions while running CAD Pro at the same time.

Power of “Restricted User”

The power of “Restricted User” friendly access gives direct file access to personal “My Documents” folders for each individual user. This feature offers easy read only access to any restricted area that your administrator has established within your company or home network environment.

File Locking

Complete support for network file locking, allowing browsing of “in use” files. Use the advanced File/Re-open feature to monitor saved changes made to another user’s work in progress.