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Produce professional quality drawings for a fraction of the cost of other CAD programs. CAD Pro is the most cost-effective and easy to use CAD solution for Windows.


Product Description

CAD Pro Product Description
CAD Pro will produce professional quality drawings and/or blueprints with easy to use “Smart Tools”. CAD Pro’s compact, straightforward toolbox design provides quick and easy access to all tools necessary to create and build any type of design. Quickly insert any type of drawing directly into Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Publisher or Excel making your next presentation the best it can be.

Powerful, fun and easy to use CAD Pro Platinum Series for Windows.

CAD Pro Includes:

  • English or Metric Scales
  • Advanced Drafting Tools
  • Smart Dimensioning Tools
  • Smart Design Tools™
  • Auto Snap Tools for Precise Alignment
  • Photo Plug-In
  • Paint-Pro Plus™
  • Sketch Tracing
  • Architectural Tools
  • Auto Shape Tools
  • Gradient Fill Colors
  • Detailed Fill Patterns
  • 256 Layers
  • Customizable Views
  • FREE Symbols
  • Do-It-Yourself Home Projects
  • Professionally Designed House Plans
  • Ready to print PDF manuals & quick reference cards

and Much More…

The absolute best value in CAD software with over 2.5 million users world-wide!

Additional Information


When you purchase CAD Pro and the USB Backup Drive. You can quickly download the CAD Pro software at the time your purchase is complete. The CAD Pro USB Backup Drive is the complete CAD Pro software on a USB Drive which will automatically ship to the address you have entered at the time of purchase. The CAD Pro USB Backup Drive is for your safe keeping in case you have to reinstall the software. The CAD Pro USB Backup Drive ships via USPS and takes approximately 5-7 business days.


“Cad Pro is easy to learn with time-saving design tools.”
Helen Cross, Interior Specialities, Trenton, NJ ★★★★★
“Use Cad Pro for all of my building permit drawings and plans”
United Homes, Atlanta, GA ★★★★★
“Impressed with the ease of use and reasonable price…”
Hendricks Family, Dallas, TX ★★★★★
“Cad Pro is an affordable, easy-to-use alternative to AutoCAD.”
Custom Home Improvements, Prescott, AZ ★★★★★
“I quickly produced professional blueprints for my building permit, saving me a lot of money…Great Product!”
Clark Family Home Improvement Project, Glendale, CA ★★★★★
“I’m a semi-professional furniture builder and I love Cad Pro’s easy to use design tools for creating my furniture designs.”
Wood Pro’s Furniture, Birmingham, AL ★★★★★
“I’m able to design anything I need…”
Technical Illustrations, Fox Media Group, New York City, NY ★★★★★
“Use Cad Pro for creating my patent blueprints for patent submissions and I love it!!”
Patent Attorney, Washington DC ★★★★★
“I produce technical manuals and have been using Cad Pro for all of my technical illustrations…works great and is inexpensive.”
Freelance Technical Writer, Ft. Myers, FL ★★★★★

CAD Pro Platinum Series has been selected to work with “Extreme Makeover Home Edition”, to help design the home and building projects that you see every week on the blockbuster ABC show. CAD Pro will be used in every episode of the 2006/2007 season.

Cad Pro Wins AEP Educational Award
Association of Educational Publishers Distinguished Achievement Award goes to CAD Pro Home Remodel and Design software.


ABC News
Joe Appio – Operations Manager
“New CADPro software is not only a powerful tool, but it is a very user friendly and inexpensive.”



Wood Workers Journal
“Americas leading woodworking authority” “CADPRO is targeted for the handyman.”

The Educational Software Preview Guide Designed for educators listing favorably reviewed software for PreK-12 classroom
: An easy to use home design/home remodeling program. Users can create a wide variety of designs from HVAC, lighting and electrical schematics, rooms, homes, landscapes, waterfalls, and decks…

Digital Camera Magazine

Cool New Stuff section: CADPRO is made with consumers in mind… This powerful windows software now lets you import your own digital photos…

BlackCat Media
This is probably the most FANTASTIC and VERSATILE easy-to-learn CAD program available today. With over 8,000 features, it leaves competitors in the dust for less than $70. You can design anything – buildings, mechanical parts, electronics, and much more using any home PC.

Kickstart News
No compromises—the software performs as advertised…
CADPro holds its own and remains a worthwhile choice for builders, interior and exterior designers and planners, renovation contractors, and serious hobbyists… The price is right. What more do you need?