Ruler Options

Dynamic Rulers
The rulers can make for easy and fast designing of your next project.  CAD Pro allows you to re-position your starting point with a simple drag-and-drop of the page rulers! Just grab the corner box of the rulers, drag them anywhere on the page, and double-click. You’re done!


Intelligent Mouse Wheel Scrolling
CAD Pro Software allows for convenient document panning and scrolling by hovering the mouse cursor over the vertical or horizontal rulers while rolling the mouse wheel.

Relocatable Rulers!
Just like using a real set of T-squares, drag the CAD Pro rulers anywhere on the page. Now you can draw with precision.

Ruler Options
Setup your rulers to be Imperial Measurements or Metric, this allows you international flexibility. You can also set the number of divisions your rulers display. This makes for fast and easy designing.

You also have the choice within the Rulers dialog box to rescale previous drawn objects, therefore saving you time and money.