Landscape Designs & Planning

Landscape design software can make creating the yard of your dreams much easier.

CAD Pro® drafting software lets you design, visualize, and document your landscape design ideas clearly and efficiently.

CAD Pro offers a full set of landscape design software features that allow you to design any type of landscape designs or outdoor design projects. You can design complete landscape projects and quickly add them to your floor plan or plot plan!

Communicate and Design your Landscape Plans with CAD Pro!
A landscape blueprint or a detailed drawing of a garden or outdoor design for your home, is an important communication and planning tool. When it comes to creating landscape blueprints or landscape drawings, the most difficult aspect is often the starting point. CAD Pro landscape design software can quickly get you started by seeing the dramatic transformation of undeveloped spaces become reality.

Landscape Design

landscape design

Landscape Design Software with Interactive Web Features!

Share your landscape design on the web with linked photos, detailed notes, or voice instructions.
CAD Pro is the only landscape design software that allows you to:

  • Record your ideas and incorporate voice instructions into your landscape designs.
  • Add pop-up text memos to your landscapes to support areas in plant, trees and shrub details.
  • Pop-up photos will transform landscape ideas into designs you can visualize.
  • Share your designs as a PDF.

Share your landscape designs over the internet!
Quickly send any landscape design created in CAD Pro as an image in your emails by simply selecting the ‘Send as Mail’ option. A great way to share your landscape designs on the web.

landscape designs

Landscape Symbols

Landscape Symbols for Landscape Designs
Any CAD specialist needs to develop standard landscape blueprints so that your ideas can be easily interpreted by landscapers or landscape designers. Common landscape symbols and their proper use can assist you in the creation process of your landscape designs. CAD Pro includes a variety of pre-drawn landscape symbols and landscape auto-shapes which save time and money. You can also create any type of custom landscape symbols you may require and save them as landscape symbols for future use, therefore saving time and money.


Imagine… Design… Create!