Window Replacement Cost

After years of home ownership, you’ll probably have to replace a few windows in your home and window replacement cost will vary considerably. Although you may take your windows for granted, they remain a fundamental part in maintaining a comfortable and attractive home. So, it’s important to consider the different window replacement styles that are […]

Countertop Pricing Factors

Some companies or stores charge for an edge and some don’t, depending on the edge you select. Edge selection is going to impact the price of any countertop. Edging is important when calculating countertop pricing factors. When choosing the desired edge, you would like, you will need to consider five standard edge detail options; with […]

Best Home Design Windows

Looking to elevate the curb appeal of your home with the best home design windows and patio doors, while also keeping true to a distinct architectural style? Explore the best architectural style windows and doors that complement the architectural style you have chosen for your house. CAD Pro has helped thousands of homeowners, professional designers, […]

Tiny Bedroom Decorating Ideas

In this article we will provide some valuable tiny bedroom decorating ideas. These inexpensive tiny bedroom ideas will save a lot of time and money while providing style and good taste when decorating your new room. So, you’ve recently moved into a new house and you finally have enough time to start decorating it. During […]

Costly Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes

There are many details to consider when remodeling a kitchen. It’s easy to overlook something or make one of these costly kitchen remodeling mistakes. Here are six common mistakes that occur during a kitchen remodeling project, and kitchen remodeling tips for avoiding them. CAD Pro has helped thousands of homeowners, remodeling professionals, builders and contractors […]

Best Hardwood Flooring Preferences

Hardwood flooring has a long history, one that is said to date back to the 1600s. These best hardwood flooring preferences follow home trends, it has gone in and out of style depending on interior design trends, the introduction of competing floor surfaces, and homeowner preferences. With more flooring product offerings and growing demand, builders […]

Best Bathroom Remodeling Tips

An updated bathroom adds significant value to your home. These best bathroom remodeling tips will explain why bathroom remodeling adds value to your home. Bathroom remodels and updates are the best remodeling value you can add to your home. If you’ve been dreaming of new countertops, updated bathroom cabinets or a more luxurious shower, now […]

Smart Affordable Housing

The need for smart affordable housing, and well-designed housing has never been in more demand, not only for low-income housing, but also for backyard ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units), retreats, and even a second or third home in a desired location. The affordable home design market ranges from first-time or low-income buyers, to baby boomers, that […]

Calculating Remodeling Costs

Sometimes when moving into your home, you probably saw a better look and feel for each room and wondered how to go about calculating remodeling costs. Let’s say you would like remodeling budgets for a garage converted into an office, the bathroom updated with new lighting and cabinetry, the kitchen transformed with an open concept […]

Best Smart Home Products

Today’s home builders and architects are implementing many of these best smart home products. Many home-builders have partners and sponsors who have contributed new technology for these new styled cutting-edge smart homes. From smart monitor systems to highly efficient construction processes, each is a vital piece of a sustainable whole-home system. You don’t need to […]