CAD Pro Drafting Software Tools Overview

Over 2 million users choose CAD Pro as their drafting software tool.  CAD Pro offers a full featured set of design tools which will allow you to design anything the easy way, and offers a helpful variety of design tools:

Editing Tools

Allow for quick and easy editing of any design or drawing you have created or imported.

Draw Tools

Will provide the necessary geometrical shapes that all designs are created with. Combining these tools with the Edit tools you have endless possibilities.

Snap Tools

Provide you quick and simple alignment of objects while you are designing your blueprints.

Dimensioning Tools

These tools provide you with on-screen instructions when using them. Dimensioning is one of the most important factors when creating precise designs and blueprints.

Floor Plan Tools

The Floor Plan tools provide you with quick and fast symbols that are used in any type of floor plans or commercial designs. The Floor Plan symbol tools include wall tools, sinks, water heaters, doors, windows, light symbols, electrical outlets and much more. These are all of the basic design tools and symbols necessary to create any type of architectural blueprints.
The architectural drawings or blueprints you create with CAD Pro can be submitted for permits to your local planning commission as long as you design the blueprints to meet your local building code requirements.

Fill Tools

Provide you with common fill patterns, which will assist you in creating a much more realistic look to your designs.

Interactive Tools or Pop-Up Tools

CAD Pro is the first drawing / drafting software application that lets users insert pop-up images or photos, pop-up text notes and precise verbal comments or audio sound files. When incorporating these features in your designs, it eliminates any discrepancy’s that may arise when presenting your design ideas.

Additional Tools Include:

Zoom Tools, Text Tools with Rotating Text, Paint Tools for add realistic 3D effects and much more.