Popular Bathroom Design Tips

Implementing these popular bathroom design tips will improve functionality and style of your bathrooms. Bathrooms are probably the most used rooms in your home, and with rising interest rates, inflation and an unpredictable housing market, homeowners are choosing to stay in their current homes for longer periods of times, resulting in an increase of remodeling projects.

A well-designed bathroom is functional while offering a visual preference that fits with the rest of the home’s interior décor. One of the most important popular bathroom design tips is to make sure you select the right bathroom wall tiles for your bathroom design. Use a change of color to zone a particular space.

As homeowners become more interested and involved in the design process, they too know there is more to designing a bathroom than just picking a new bathtub and a few accessories.

It’s important that you first pick the view upon entrance. This is an important part of the popular bathroom design tips. What makes a good starting point for your bathroom layout is that you want to see the bath or basin first, not the toilet. Choose one key piece: Be it a freestanding bath, heart-stopping vanity unit or a beautifully tiled shower area and build the layout around it.

Popular Bathroom Design Tips

Popular Bathroom Design Tips

Popular Bathroom Design Tips

Creative Flooring Designs
Bathroom floors need to be hardworking, impervious to water, and slip resistant. They also need to be attractive. A large format floor tile is all about making the floor a focal point by introducing excellent patterns and color into your bathroom. You might want to mix tiles for an even more enhanced effect. A few suggested talking points:

Patterns: Consider pairing tiles with different geometric patterns or motifs to add visual interest.

Colors: Add a pop to your bathroom by pairing tiles in different shades or complementary colors.

Textures: Add depth by mixing smooth and rough tiles or tiles with different finishes, such as matte and gloss.

Popular Bathroom Fixture Colors
When it comes to faucet finishes, look to Arctic® Stainless or Polished Nickel. Arctic Stainless finish is the tried and true in presentation and tone décor finish. If your customer is a little more eccentric in style, go ahead and recommend a few different metal finishes to mix throughout the bathroom. A gold finish has become very popular but is not as popular as stainless, polished nickel, chrome, or matte black.

Creative Lighting
Your bathroom lighting should not be an afterthought. Lighting is vastly important in these popular bathroom design tips and is one of the important factors you should always pay attention to. These are Lights, Tiles and Mirrors. Get one of these wrong and you will not get the most from the bathroom.

You don’t have to settle for just one type of lighting in your bathroom. Other than the functional ‘spotlights’, you also need to consider more subtle mood lighting to enhance your bathroom as a place to relax in. To really impress your friends and colleagues, we recommend installing light dimmers to help control light output to create the ideal ambiance.

Frameless Glass Enclosures
It’s time to say goodbye to shower curtains. Your customers might think they’re saving money by using a shower curtain, but with mold and mildew build up, these don’t have an endless shelf life. Encourage your customer to ditch the shower curtain for a frameless glass enclosure instead. A simple replacement that will last years and give your customer’s space a modern upgrade.

Important: Remember, your customers are the lifeblood of your business. It is critical to stay on top of these popular bathroom design tips, and ahead of, design trends to deliver an exceptional customer-service experience, that in turn establishes and builds relationships to drive your business forward.

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