Design Your Own Home

Quickly design your own home!

Design Your Own Home

CAD Pro’s smart floor plan tools help you create perfect floor plans in just a few short minutes.

“Smart Tools” make designing your own house simple!

Quickly design your own home with CAD Pro.

Create professional and precise floor plans for your dream home, home office, landscapes, garden sheds, workshops, decks, shade arbors, kitchens, bathrooms and much more.

Interactive Floor Plan Designs

Now communicate your design ideas more effectively, faster and easier than ever!
CAD Pro is the only software that allows you to:

  • Record your ideas and incorporate voice instructions into your floor plans
  • Add pop-up text memos to your floor plans to support areas in detail.
  • Add pop-up photos and transform floor plans into designs your can visualize.

FREE Home Improvement Projects

Add immediate value and comfort to your home with CAD Pro’s home improvement projects. Valued at over $10,000, each project plan is a CAD Pro drawing, enabling you to print them as they are or quickly modify them to meet your specific needs. All plans include several views and a complete materials list. Project Plans include; Garages, Outdoor Kitchens, Shade Arbors, Decks, Tree Houses and Lake House Plans.
These easy to use plans will add value and comfort to your home at a fraction of the cost!

FREE Professional Floor Plans

Quickly view and print professionally designed floor plans. CAD Pro includes some of the most popular floor plans built. Simply open any of the many CAD Pro floor plans and quickly modify any aspect to meet your specific floor plan requirements.

Sketch Tracing

Sketch your floor plan on a piece of paper, and then scan it. Now open your scanned sketch in CAD Pro and it becomes a traceable template that you can easily modify.

Smart Dimensioning

When creating floor plans or blueprints that require precise dimensions, let CAD Pro take the work out of the process. CAD Pro’s “Smart Dimensioning” tools will automatically create all your floor plan dimensions with a few simple clicks.

Photo Tracing Software

Simply open up your dream home photos from any digital camera and trace over them with CAD Pro’s easy-to-use design tools.

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