Calculate Bathroom Remodeling Costs

An average range when you calculate bathroom remodeling costs fall between $9,600 to $11,000 in costs. At the low-end bathroom remodels typically cost around $2,500 while the high-end remodels cost around $23,000.

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Calculate Bathroom Remodeling Costs

Design and Calculate Bathroom Remodeling Costs

Calculate Bathroom Remodeling Costs

If a dripping faucet or stained bathroom walls have you dreaming of the brushed metal, glass tile and ultra-modern sinks in a remodeled bathroom, you’re not alone.

Remodeling a bathroom also provides an increased home resale value, with a return on investment of up to 80 percent.

The average bathroom remodel costs range from $11,364 in 2016, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, with about 20 percent of that being labor cost.

A survey by NKBA on design trends showed that half of respondents paid between $10,000 and $29,999 for a bathroom remodel, while 31 percent reported paying more than $30,000.

Calculate Bathroom Remodeling Costs Breakdown

  • Cabinetry/hardware: 16%($1,818)
  • Countertops: 7%($795)
  • Faucets/plumbing: 14%($1,591)
  • Lighting/ventilation: 5%($568)
  • Walls/ceilings: 5%($568)
  • Doors/windows: 4%($455)
  • Fixtures: 15%($1,705)
  • Flooring: 9%($1,023)
  • Installation: 20%($2,273)
  • Design fees: 4%($455)
  • Other: 1%($114)

*Cost breakdown numbers are rounded to the nearest dollar.
Source: National Kitchen and Bath Association

Calculate Bathroom Remodeling Costs in Stages
If you’re suffering from sticker shock, don’t worry. Bathroom remodeling isn’t all or nothing. You can cut down on bathroom remodel costs by going one step at a time. A bathroom can still benefit from new lighting or ventilation updates followed by a new bathroom vanity or granite countertops. You can always upgrade some features later down the road.

Choose quality over quantity when you calculate bathroom remodeling costs, be sure to give careful consideration to the amount of traffic the bathroom gets. It’s a waste of money and a source of future aggravation if you buy cheap inexpensive fixtures.

Inconveniences When You Calculate Bathroom Remodeling Costs
Hopefully, your contractor won’t forget to mention the inconvenience that comes with bathroom remodeling. When the bathroom is unavailable, chaos is sure to follow.

It’s tough to predict an exact timetable for bathroom remodeling. Here are a few things to consider ahead of time:

  • Locate alternative bathrooms on-site or nearby during construction.
  • Keep lines of communication open with your contractor; be on the same timetable page of when things will be finished and when you can use your new bathroom.
  • Plan for at least three weeks of an unusable bathroom.

After you calculate bathroom remodeling costs are you ready to remodel? Remember to get estimates from three different contractors to ensure a competitive price. Do your homework and check all online sources before contacting any company. Resources such as the BBB and the local Angie’s List of Bathroom Remodelers found here will help you locate the best companies.

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