Cad Pro Cad Drawing Software wins 2015 Technology & Software Award

Cad Pro software has been awarded the 2015 Technology & Software Award which highlights one of the most technologically ground-breaking, user friendly cad drawing software products in the US today. Cad Pro’s 2015 cad software award shines the spotlight on their cutting edge technology, development team and their commitment, experience and willingness to push the boundaries of business-based technology. Cad Pro will shape and enhance the American business landscape for years to come.

Steven Simpson, Awards Co-ordinator, said: “It goes without saying that Cad Pro is a driving force behind many of the biggest CAD developments in the business world and beyond. DSI the developers of Cad Pro provide a group of individuals whose innovations and developments have allowed the CAD industry to reach paths they have never seen before. With this in mind, it is an honor to recognize Cad Pro as the 2015 Technology & Software Awards winner.”

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