New Smart Home Appliance Solutions

GE New Smart Home Appliance Solutions has taken the next step in its Internet of Things (IoT) home appliance strategy with the creation of its Smart Home Solutions team.

This nexus of GE New Smart Home Appliance Solutions and the Connected Technology and Information Technology will explore expanding the company’s home automation technology, cloud-based applications, and data analytics to all areas of the home. The team aims to help consumers manage their household in new and more efficient ways through their suite of smart home solutions.

New Smart Home Appliance Solutions

GE New Smart Home Appliance Solutions

Shawn Stover will lead this new team as vice president of New Smart Home Appliance Solutions. Stover has served in a variety of engineering, marketing, sales and operational roles at GE Appliances since 1998, and has most recently served as General Manager of Cross Product & Connected Home. In his new role, Stover will lead GEA’s IoT strategy across all brands and services.

New Smart Home Appliance Solutions Team Goals

The New Smart Home Appliance Solutions team’s goals include expanding the Haier U+ Smart Life Platform in the United States. The U+ platform allows connected products and services from different appliance manufacturers to connect freely to each other via an open interface protocol. Users can access real-time information about all their devices on the U+ app.

“Shawn’s network across multiple industries, his deep product knowledge, strong business acumen and demonstrated success in creating collaboration make him uniquely qualified to lead this inventive group,” says Kevin Nolan, Chief Executive Officer for GE New Smart Home Appliance Solutions. “Our ambition is to be first with connected products and services that deliver real, everyday value, whether that’s using an app to turn your oven off, controlling your air conditioner from anywhere in the house, or automatically ordering more laundry detergent before you run out. There’s an energy that’s evident in our team that promises many exciting outcomes.”

GE New Smart Home Appliance Solutions connected currently includes refrigerators, cooktops, washers and dryers, and more. The appliances are compatible with Amazon Alexa, Dash Replenishment, Nest Labs, Innit, Drop, IFTTT and Google Assistant.

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