Best Outdoor Fireplace Design Ideas

Want to know how to build an outdoor fireplace? If you want to cozy up with the whole family outdoors, then this is your next home improvement project. We have outlined some of the best outdoor fireplace design ideas when building your outdoor fireplace. You can use these outdoor fireplace design ideas if you choose to build the outdoor fireplace yourself or if you hire a professional outdoor fireplace builder.

How to Build an Outdoor Fireplace

Most people have always dreamed of having an outdoor fireplace in their home. Just imagine telling stories and hanging out with the family around it. If you want to build an outdoor fireplace, then these outdoor fireplace design ideas are for you. Find out how to make a DIY outdoor fireplace for your next home improvement project.

Best outdoor fireplace design ideas using CAD Pro.

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best outdoor fireplace design ideas

Best Outdoor Fireplace Design Ideas with CAD Pro

Outdoor Fireplace Materials:

  • bricks
  • fire bricks
  • muriatic acid(washer)
  • wood (for support and molding)
  • mortar mix
  • fire clay or refractory mortar
  • water
  • hollow blocks
  • 13×13″ ceramic flue pipe
  • angle bar
  • bendable board
  • steel bar
  • sand stone
  • fireplace grate
  • black pipe

Tools Needed When Building Your Outdoor Fireplace:

  • trowel
  • brick jointer
  • torpedo level
  • level
  • rubber mallet
  • acid wash brush
  • brick spacing rule
  • tape measure
  • drill
  • bar clamp
  • sledgehammer
  • wheelbarrow
  • industrial hoe
  • string
  • clamp
  • chalk
  • crow bar
  • grinder
  • sponge
  • bucket
  • whisk broom
  • hose

Important steps for your best outdoor fireplace design ideas.

Step 1. Outdoor Fireplace Foundation
Don’t forget to check your area frost line to ensure that your foundation will be good during winter.

Step 2. Wall
Place the brick based on your desired design. Starting from the base, continue installing the brick and mortar mix.

Step 3. Firebox
Use firebrick inside your fireplace.
Install the firebrick. Use water and sponge to clean up the bricks.

Step 4. Outdoor Fireplace Chimney
The chimney base is composed with 2 hollow blocks finished with mortar mix.
Cover the remaining hole with firebrick.
Once that’s done, cover it with an angel bar.
Finish installing the bricks.
Customize your chimney by cutting from both sides as desired.
Use a grinder to do so.
To hold the bricks, cover it with metal.

TIP: Keep the first base dried up before installing the rest of the brick to prevent it from sliding.

Step 5. Arch
Use a bendable board to shape up the arch of the fireplace.
Make sure it’s dry for about a week to make sure it’s fully installed.

Step 6. Washing
Combine half a gallon of muriatic acid to 2 gallons of water, use this to clean up the bricks.
Use a whisk broom to clean up the fireplace.
Let it dry for a few minutes.
Hose it with water and if seems to need more cleaning, apply the muriatic acid solution again.
The mortar turns yellowish once cleaned up so just brush it off to whiten.

Step 7. Fire Starter
Drill about 6 or 7 holes to your black pipe.
Attach the gas tank to the fire grill.
Test fire.

Step 8. Finishing touches
For the flooring, use the same bricks and install as you would install tiles.
Attach a stone board on top of the arch.
Insert the fireplace grate inside, and you’re done!

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