Custom Builder Luxury Home Features Explained

Custom builder luxury home features that may be on their way out. If you think open kitchens and huge master suites will always be desirable for custom luxury homes, think again.

Some real estate amenities are eternal—a sweeping view across Central Park, for instance, or a panoramic view of the ocean. Others, though, might prove unexpectedly faddish: What seems like a must have today could vanish in the custom builder luxury home features of tomorrow. Here are four surprising staples of the luxury real estate market that insider experts predict could soon become obsolete.

Custom builder luxury home features of tomorrow.

The Home Theater
The home theater market stateside stood at $1.4 billion in 2015, up more than 50 percent since the same period in 2010. Of course, it’s no longer enough to install a supersize screen and digital projector: True cinephiles can build their own million dollar personal IMAX Theater and sign up for Prima Cinema, a Netflix-like service for the 1 percent that allows rentals of first-run movies at $500 a pop.

It could prove to be a shortsighted investment, though. Custom builder luxury home features clients are requesting fully immersive, VR environments because they’re super-busy and want the highest forms of escapism, therefore changing the home theater concept.

The Master Suite
Sprawling master suites were once the ultimate trophy asset in custom builder luxury home features, but recent developments have begun replacing the open-plan, loft-like rooms with a complex of private chambers, jigsawed together around a smaller, cozy space that’s home solely to a bed. For example; you’ll see an antechamber, like a study, or a library, plus a large dressing area and a spa-like bathroom. You no longer want to walk unceremoniously into a master bedroom and see the bed—creating privacy is more important than ever.

The Garage
According to the custom builder luxury home features number-crunchers, ride-sharing and driverless cars will reduce the space allocated to parking vehicles by 25 percent come 2050, a reduction that represents more than 61 billion square feet of extra living room. And we’re already seeing buildings that anticipate this shift. For example, floor-to-ceiling heights in garages are increasing, to make it easier to convert parking spots into offices or residential use at a later time. Likewise, footprints are shrinking so that every corner receives natural light—again, essential for adaptive reuse. Elsewhere, future-proofed buildings with flexible spaces that allow garages to be repurposed are already appearing.

The Showcase Kitchen
The elaborate, centerpiece kitchens, like master suites, are another amenity on the endangered list in high-end homes. In part, it’s because delivery services such as Blue Apron or Amazon Prime Now will minimize the need to store anything but the bare minimum at home, coupled with such new amenities as centralized cooking and catering within a development.

Custom luxury home builders also identify the rise of 3D printing as fundamental to this change. In about two or three years’ time—you will be able to create specific housewares for a dinner party when you throw it,” he says, minimizing the need for storage; has customers investing directly in 3D printing startups. If 3D printers for food ever pass the gimmick phase, future homeowners may be able to dispense with the cooking entirely.

custom builder luxury home features

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