Digital Photos & Voices POP with CADPro 4 Software

Design floor plans on a home PC that any contractor or handy homeowner can build from

April 12th 2005: Owasso, OK – USA: Delta Software International (DSI) today announced digital photo and audio (voice) Pop-Up’s are now included in consumer home remodel and design software
CADPro 4, available in retail locations nationwide: PC/SRP: $69.95

With over 8,000 features, CADPro 4 designs projects ranging from a new house or furniture to electrical or mechanical schematics. Photo Pop-Up’s are personal digital photos easily inserted into the floor plan design using tiny camera icons – click on the camera icon and the photos pop open. With no limit to the number or size of photos included in each floor plan, contractors will quickly picture homeowners ideas and preferences – in vivid color. Additional Pop-Up’s in CADPro include audio: using loudspeaker icons that capture and play .WAV files or voice recordings and pop-up text notes.

“Home ownership can be the best financial investment a consumer can make” said DSI CEO Robert Kourtis: “Keeping your investment in tip-top shape requires occasional upkeep, maintenance and remodeling. By using CADPro software to design your project, you save thousands of dollars while investing in your dreams.”

Using an intuitive Microsoft style tool-bar interface, CADPro does not require special training – but a separate audio/video instruction CD is included in the retail box with professional blueprint templates for Do-It-Yourself plans, home projects and house plans.

With an exclusive focus on 2D drafting blueprints, CADPro designs are suitable for submission to state and municipal towns for building permit approvals. A free CADPRO viewer — View-A-Lot — is also included in the program and available for free download off the cadprosoftware site.