Cad Software for Parking Lot Designs

Cad software for parking lot designs is one of the most efficient software tools anyone can use when creating their parking lot designs. The objective of the parking lot layout design is to maximize the number of stalls while following the certain guidelines.

Cad software for parking lot designs and the layout of any parking facility must be flexible enough to adapt to future changes in vehicle dimensions. Cad Pro has become the #1 source for parking lot designs and layouts.

The stall and aisle dimensions must be compatible with the type of operation planned for the facility.

The critical dimensions are the width and length of stalls, the width of aisles, the angle of parking, and the radius of turns. All of these dimensions are related to the vehicle dimensions and performance characteristics. In recent years there have been a number of changes in vehicle sizes and dimensions. The popularity of minivans and sport utility vehicles has had a significant impact on the design of parking facilities. For the near future, a wide mix of vehicle sizes should be anticipated. There are three approaches for handling the layout:

Design all spaces for large-size vehicles (approximately 6’ wide and 17’ to 18’ long).

Design some of the spaces for large vehicles and some for small vehicles (these are about 5’ wide and 14’ to 15’ long).

Cad software for parking lot designs can easily provide a layout with intermediate dimensions (ex. too small for large vehicles and too big for small vehicles).

For design, it is customary to work with stalls and aisles in combinations called “modules”. A complete module is one access aisle servicing a row of parking spaces on each side of the aisle. The width of an aisle is usually 12’ to 26’ depending on the angle at which the parking stalls are oriented.

Stall Width

For simplicity, the stall width is measured perpendicular to the vehicle, not parallel to the aisle. If the stall is placed at an angle of less than 90-degrees, then the width parallel to the aisle will increase while the width perpendicular to the vehicle will remain the same.

Stall Length

The length of the stall should be large enough to accommodate most of the vehicles. The length of the stall refers to the longitudinal dimension of the stall. When the stall is rotated at an angle of less than 90 degrees, the stall depth perpendicular to the aisle increases up to 1′ or more. It should be noted that the effective stall depth depends on the boundary conditions of the module, which could include walls on each side of the module, curbs with or without overhang, or drive-in versus back-in operations. For parking at angles of less than 90-degrees, front bumper overhangs beyond the curbing are generally reduced with decreasing angle and, for example, drop to about 2’ at 45-degree angles.


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