Voice Controlled Smart Locks

Lockly’s Secure Pro voice controlled smart locks are compatible with Alexa and Google. Lockly has added two new home security products to its existing lineup of home voice-controlled security products: an upgraded smart lock, the Lockly Secure Pro, and the Secure Link, a Wi-Fi enabled hub and wireless door sensor.

The Lockly Secure Pro features a number of integrated unlocking options, including voice control through a virtual assistant, newly added with the Secure Link and Secure Pro series. Using their voice or an associated app, users can lock, unlock and check the status of their doors through a connection with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Voice Controlled Smart Locks and Voice-Controlled Security

Voice Controlled Smart Locks

Existing Options for Voice Controlled Smart Locks

PIN Genie Touchscreen: The patented PIN Genie keypad randomly generates a keypad order when anyone approaches the door. This ensures that codes cannot be accessed by anyone watching the user typing it in. This is a great feature for these voice controlled smart locks.

3D Fingerprint Scanner: A biometric module below the touchpad allows users to open the door using their finger.

Lockly App: The app allows users to connect to and control their voice controlled smart locks. The app can be used to generate offline access codes via Bluetooth without an internet connection and set activation periods for as little as a few minutes.

Key Lock: A traditional key lock is located inside a switch on the door handle or central panel.

The Secure Link, available packaged with the Secure Pro and as a separate accessory, enables Wi-Fi connectivity across all voice-controlled security product models, including the Secure and Secure Plus. This module enables virtual assistant connectivity, as well as Wi-Fi connectivity from anywhere in the world and real-time status updates.

“The availability of the Secure Pro and Secure Link is proof of our dedication to the development of new, innovative products in the world of home security and smart locks. We are excited to work with our national retail partners as we make Lockly products even more accessible to consumers seeking the most advanced smart lock solution for their home, office, or rental property,” says Lee Zheng, CEO and Founder of Lockly.

The voice controlled smart locks are available in Satin Nickel and Venetian Bronze finishes and deadbolt or latch hardware configurations. The lock operates on AA batteries, which last at least one year, supported by a backup battery. The Lockly Secure Pro starts at $299, and the Secure Link console starts at $79.99. The Lockly Secure Plus starts at $199.99. lockly.com

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