Most Valued Home Remodeling Projects

Stretch your dollars with these most valued home remodeling projects while yielding high ROI (return on investment). A well-planned and executed home improvement project will make your home more livable while you live there and will also boost your home’s resale value.

Whether you’re remodeling for your own pleasure or with an eye to a future home sale, your best valued home remodeling projects represent a significant investment. Careful planning and decision-making can help you get the best return on your investment.

Most Valued Home Remodeling Projects with Big Payoffs

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Most Valued Home Remodeling Projects

CAD Pro’s Most Valued Home Remodeling Projects

Most home improvements and remodels don’t recoup their entire value. This means you need to be realistic when making home remodeling decisions.

Projects that boost curb appeal are one of the most valued home remodeling projects with big payoffs and they yield some of the highest returns on investment. Anything that improves the exterior appearance of your home and catches the eye of a prospective buyer can recoup a lot of its cost.

Decks for Most Valued Home Remodeling Projects

Deck additions have always been popular upgrades for strong ROI. Remodeling magazine estimates an 82.8 percent return, particularly for wood decks. A deck addition can cost you upwards of $10,000, so it’s among one of the more expensive projects you could tackle.

Windows for Most Valued Home Remodeling Projects

Window replacements, which can improve both the appearance and energy efficiency of your home, also tend to reap a high return on investment. A vinyl window can yield 74.3 percent ROI, making this one of the most valued home remodeling projects.

Kitchens for Most Valued Home Remodeling Projects

Kitchen remodels present another evergreen prospect. You can expect an 81.1 percent return on investment from a $20,000 kitchen remodeling job. Real estate agents note that potential buyers spend more time inspecting the kitchen than any other room when they’re looking at a house, so investment in that area can really pay off.

Where to Start
Flooring: Floor quality offers instant insight into the home. Consider large-format ceramic tile and radiant floor heating to complete a high-end bathroom remodel.
Fixtures: Quality fixtures and useful features, such as hands-free bathroom faucets and soap dispensers, help your home stand out from others in the market.
Lighting: Improving lighting is a quick and easy way to make a big visual impact. Hire a lighting designer through Angie’s List today.

Basic Home Remodeling Projects with Big Payoffs
Sometimes, the most vital ROI comes from the most basic work. Applying a new coat of paint, spreading a fresh layer of mulch, trimming trees or planting new bushes – all of these projects can improve your home’s value with little cost and effort on your part.

Software for Most Valued Home Remodeling Projects

Custom home remodeling design software from CAD Pro has helped thousands of contractors and custom home builders streamline their workflow while producing professional designs for clients and colleagues.

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