Readouts are a set of gauges that update automatically with accurate information as the mouse pointer is moved to draw, edit, or re-position objects.

Accurate Readouts

Quickly display accurate information such as radius, diameter, angles or degrees of rotation. Display absolute or incremental coordinates and much more.
Accurately display feet & inches or decimal equivalence when choosing the desired readout options for the task at hand.
CAD Pro readouts are designed to quickly display your mouse movements as well as object’s size and position, so you save time when creating your designs.

Automatic Calculation

Automatic calculation of Area and Perimeter is one of the valuable time saving options found in the Readouts.

Worldwide Compatibility

Worldwide compatibility with English and Metric coordinate systems are also fully supported in CAD Pro’s wide range of powerful features.

Unique Nudge Buttons

nudge readout

CAD Pro’s unique and time saving nudge buttons let you quickly and accurately change the size or position of any object directly from the readouts window. You can even set the nudge buttons to any desired increment of movement.