Accurate Plot Plan Designs

Accurate plot plan designs are an essential part of any type of residential or commercial construction project. A plot plan will give the buyer a visual of the lot lines, the approximate location of the home and accessory structures, and any easements running through the land. CAD Pro is an easy-to-use computer-aided design site plan software that’s used every day for residential or commercial construction projects.

CAD Pro customers have created site plans in almost every jurisdiction in the U.S. and their plans meet or exceed their requirements.

Cad Pro is an affordable and easy alternative to other more expensive plot plan software. Cad Pro is great for creating accurate plot plan designs custom home plans, building plans, office plans, construction details, and much more.

CAD Pro allows anyone to share their ideas and plans with clients, colleagues or professional contractors using Dropbox®, Google Drive™, OneDrive®, and SharePoint®. Export files to Microsoft Word®, Excel®, and PowerPoint® with a single click.

CAD Pro’ site plan software has helped thousands of homeowners, professional designers, builders and contractors plan and design all types of plot plans. CAD Pro is used by NARI professional remodelers and contractors. CAD Pro is also used by NHBA home builders and contractors as well as the National Association of Landscape professionals.

Accurate Plot Plan Designs using Site Plan Software

Plot Plan Design Software Diagram

Accurate Plot Plan Designs and Descriptions

Plot Plan Definition:
A plot plan is an architecture, engineering, and/or landscape architecture plan drawing—diagram which shows the buildings, utility runs, and equipment layout, the position of roads, and other constructions of an existing or proposed project site at a defined scale. These drawings or diagrams are created with site plan software or computer-aided design software like CAD Pro.

Certified Plot Plan:
Accurate plot plan designs can also be a certified plot plan, which is a stamped drawing, drawn to a measurable scale by a state registered engineer or a state registered land surveyor. It shows a piece of land, its boundary lines, total square footage, and locates all the existing structures on the land.

Plat vs. Plot:
A plat is a map of a land area, usually on the scale of a neighborhood or township, and a plot is a piece of land used for a single purpose (such as a park or a home). Essentially, a plat map shows the collection of plots that make up a neighborhood or township.

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