Best Custom Home Design Builders

New homes are often hybrids of two or more architectural styles. With one-of-a-kind custom, it’s natural to expect a variety of stylistic influences. But sometimes design is informed by other forces, such as the location. Therefore the best custom home design builders consider all aspects of your custom home location.

Shingle style, for example, was developed in New England and started out as a popular form of architecture in seaside towns. Homes located on Martha’s Vineyard, have naturally weathered shingles, a gambrel roof, and a front porch with classical columns that make it immediately recognizable as a Shingle-style house. These location specific authentic styles are considered with the best custom home design builders as an expression of their work.

While striving for architectural authenticity, the best custom home design builders remained conscious of the needs of their clients and the overall livability of the custom home. Therefore Martha’s Vineyard style custom homes are built on a beach that is popular for its active waves, scenic dunes, and lack of development. Ocean views are difficult to capture because of the rolling nature of the dunes and a 30-foot height limit imposed by the homeowners association (HOA), so homes have to “upside down” floor plans so that they maximize views from the primary living spaces. They’re similar in scale, but each is different in character.

Best Custom Home Design Builders

Best Custom Home Design Builders

Best Custom Home Design Builders Use CAD Pro

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