Best Smart Home Products

Today’s home builders and architects are implementing many of these best smart home products. Many home-builders have partners and sponsors who have contributed new technology for these new styled cutting-edge smart homes. From smart monitor systems to highly efficient construction processes, each is a vital piece of a sustainable whole-home system.

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Best Smart Home Products

Best Smart Home Products and Plans

A List of The Best Smart Home Products

Delos Living
The DARWIN Home Wellness Intelligence system is a holistic wellness-focused smart home platform that monitors and adjusts indoor home environments to best suit the health and well-being of the inhabitants. The platform constantly monitors the needs of residents and provides automatic changes to air filtration, water purification, circadian lighting and other comfort systems to meet those needs. Precise control, settings, and data are also available through the DARWIN mobile app.

Google Home + Nest
Many builders that design cutting-edge smart homes are implementing Google-powered smart home systems, the Nest Hello video doorbell, located next to the home’s front door. The doorbell’s HD video camera allows homeowners to check in on a live stream of their front door at any time, plus snapshots from up to the last three hours of recording. The 4:3 aspect ratio camera shows the person at the door from head to toe, as well as packages on the ground. Homeowners can also receive activity alerts whenever a person or package is at the front door through a smart device, Google Home console, or Google Chromecast Ultra, even if the doorbell is not rung, and hear and speak to visitors through the unit’s speaker and microphone.

Cutting-Edge Smart Homes

Products for Cutting-Edge Smart Homes

Kohler offers the DTV+ Digital Shower system interface with several compatible shower components, including showerheads, audio devices, lighting, Chroma therapy, and steam, and allows users to customize their components via wall-mounted touchscreen. Users can create up to six custom presets or choose from pre-programmed temperature and hydrotherapy programs making this one of the top best smart home products. Custom functions include a system warmup and pause and a duration/countdown timer. Up to three water-resistant touchscreens can be connected to a single system controller and may be placed anywhere in the home.

The SmartCode 916 touchscreen smart lock offers keyless entry, remote access, and smart home management through a third-party smart home controller. Through the controller, users can remotely check the door lock status, lock or unlock the door, and receive notifications. The SmartCode touchscreen provides owners the convenience of keyless entry and allows them to enter a home with a personalized code on the back-lit keypad. According to the manufacturer, SmartCode is easy to install, program, and use, and operates on four AA batteries. When designing your cutting-edge smart homes, you can choose from three finishes: polished brass, satin nickel, and Venetian bronze.

Best Smart Home Products Lighting Solution

NOON Home has developed a smart lighting system that replaces existing light switches and coordinates all the lights in a room with a single touch. The scene-based system includes the manufacturer’s Room Director, Extension Switches, and Wall Plates, which work together to transform a room’s mood or function. The Room Director, the primary controller, has a glass touch-enabled OLED display and connects wirelessly to control up to 10 NOON Extension Switches. The Extension Switches pair with the main director, boast a satin exterior finish, and can dim or control an individual light with existing bulbs and fixtures. Once paired, switches communicate via Bluetooth and users can use the NOON app to personalize their room’s lights.

Phyn’s new smart water assistant and shutoff, the Phyn Plus, uses patented, high-definition pressure-wave sensing to detect water leaks in any style of cutting-edge smart homes. The system sends real-time mobile notifications through existing Wi-Fi to alert users about potential leaks and give them the opportunity to remotely turn off the water using the Phyn app. In the event of a catastrophic leak, the system has a built-in shutoff valve to turn the water off automatically. The system runs daily diagnostic “plumbing checks” and will notify users of irregular pressure levels and potential ultra-low leaks. Plus, monthly, daily, and hourly water usage reports break down how much water each of the home’s fixtures are using.

Rain Bird
Rain Bird’s ESP-TM2 series controller provides a residential irrigation solution with simple water-saving features making this a great money saving best smart home products. The plastic wall-mount cabinet has a large back-lit LCD display for improved visibility in low-light and direct sunlight conditions. The system includes three available programs with up to four start times for each. It is simple to program and easily customizable for each unique landscape, according to the manufacturer. A LNK WiFi module, sold separately, plugs into the controller and allows users to access, operate, and monitor their irrigation system from anywhere by utilizing the Rain Bird mobile app. It is available in four, six, eight, and 12 station models and is suitable for indoor/outdoor installations.

Schneider Electric
Schneider Electric’s Wiser Energy from Square D helps homeowners stay connected to their smart home by monitoring energy usage in real time. The monitoring device installs in an electrical panel and integrates with smart-home devices, such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa, to help keep track of which devices are on or off in the home. With 24/7 access to a home’s unique data on the Wiser Energy app, users can optimize their energy usage by setting goals and save on their monthly energy bills.

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Design Software for Cutting-Edge Smart Homes
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