Get Great Results from Your Remodeling Pro

Ever wish there were a way to get great results from your remodeling pro? Turns out, there is! Here’s how to be the kind of client remodeling pros will go out of their way to please.

Whether you’re remodeling for your own pleasure or with an eye to a future home sale, your home remodeling projects with big payoffs represent a significant investment. Careful planning and decision-making can help you reap the best return on that investment.

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Get Great Results from Your Remodeling Pro

Get Great Results from Your Remodeling Pro Every-Time

5 Ways to Get Great Results from Your Remodeling Pro

#1. Be realistic

TV shows and websites offer a wealth of content to inspire and inform your home remodeling projects. But not everything you find will be accurate or realistic. You can get the wrong impression about various aspects of the construction and remodeling process from what you see on TV. It really takes an expert in the field to provide the right advice or approach to any home remodeling problem.

Bottom line: Run your research by a pro before relying on it to make critical project decisions.

#2. Know what you want and what you’re getting into

Changing the scope or direction of your project mid-construction can cause delays and incur extra costs and will not get great results from your remodeling pro. It’ important to remember that every project grows and changes. But big changes happen when people haven’t considered everything they need or want to include in their project.

Bottom line: Proper planning and budgeting will keep your project on track.

#3. Provide a dedicated project prep area

Providing a dedicated space for your pro to keep tools and materials will keep your project running smoothly.  Your remodeling pros don’t want to set up and remove what they need every morning and evening, this saves them time. This will allow your pros to spend more hours in the day making progress on your home remodeling project. This is the best way to get great results from your remodeling pro.

Bottom line: Offer your pro a secure area to perform project prep and store tools and materials.

#4. Make decisions in a timely manner

Putting off decisions with hard deadlines will cause delays and even affect the scheduling of your contractor’s other projects. When homeowners don’t make a decision by a mutually agreed-upon deadline, it requires the pro to rework their schedule and push things back for other clients. It can also cause delays in the procurement of important materials and components.

Bottom line: You’re partly responsible for keeping your project on schedule.

#5. Be mindful of your presence

There’s nothing wrong with being a hands-on client, but your extended presence on the jobsite can distract workers and prolong their progress. Some homeowners like to observe. But their being there can end up delaying the results and will not get great results from your remodeling pro.

Bottom line: Do your best to stay involved without being intrusive. Maybe request a weekly walkthrough. This way, you’ll get to see the end result much sooner!

Get Great Results from Your Remodeling Pro with Software

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