Improve Remodeling Contractor Efficiency

The words remodeling contractor productivity and efficiency are kicked around a lot these days, especially in the world of remodeling and renovation. So, we have provided some easy to implement procedures to help you improve remodeling contractor efficiency.

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Improve Remodeling Contractor Efficiency

Improve Remodeling Contractor Efficiency and Productivity

9 Ways to Improve Remodeling Contractor Efficiency

Just think of all the daily tasks you could handle more efficiently, like estimates, invoices, quotes, change orders, RFIs, site instructions, subcontractor agreements, worksite diaries, meeting notes, and more. If only there was a way to slash the paperwork and enjoy the time savings that comes with it.

So, a wonderful thought on how to improve remodeling contractor efficiency. Nobody has that magic wand. Remodeling contractors understand there is no magic wand. Currently most days for remodeling contractors are consumed with doing the work by themselves.  Remodeling contractor productivity balances project work with running the business as a whole.

The master carpenter thinks a lot about a better way to run his business between saw cuts and hammer blows. Yes, it would be a mobile app. But not just any mobile app. A chance encounter on an Instagram carpentry page introduced an app, called Contractor WorkZone from Trimble that offered at least nine key benefits.

Key Benefits for Remodeling Contractor Productivity

One: Super Easy to Use. Lots of colorful icons make it easy to navigate and quickly understand basic functions.

Two: Smartphone Convenience. Easy to work anywhere, anytime by just reaching into his pocket or tool belt.

Three: Quick Estimate and Invoices. A few taps, swipes, and keystrokes and pro-quality estimates are on their way to customers. Invoices? The app makes conversion from the estimate quick and simple to keep income flowing and definitely helps to improve remodeling contractor efficiency.

Four: Platinum-Level Customer Support. When there’s a question, you should expect expert, on-demand customer support.

Five: Low Cost. No big monthly fee like some contractor productivity apps. McGraw tried that and was sorry. “I couldn’t justify the high monthly fee,” McGraw says.

Six: Subcontractor Friendly. Email messages right from the app to any iOS or Android phone. No need for subs to download the app to receive regular email messages from you.

Seven: Rapid Workflow Integration. Simplicity, speed, and high functionality come together in a natural, highly intuitive way without a big learning curve.

Eight: Future-Proof. The app keeps pace with the changing needs of business with continuous updates.

Nine: Brand Name Trust and Confidence. The app is back by the resources of a company trusted worldwide for quality, service, and how to improve remodeling contractor efficiency.

Improve Efficiency with Contractor WorkZone

“The ad said I could customize Contractor WorkZone to my own business. It was free to try, so I gave it a shot. Now I use it primarily to send invoices, quotes, and estimates from my pick-up. It’s also great for site diaries. I take lots of pictures which helps me order materials,” Remodeling Professional.

“It’s definitely a big part of my business now”. “I send out estimates from my truck. No more paperwork after supper. I’m faster, better organized, and more competitive.”

No one has a magic wand for estimates, invoices, and other time-consuming paperwork. But Contractor WorkZone has developed something that works great for the remodeling business and remodeling contractor productivity. Learn more about how Contractor WorkZone could help simplify your workflow

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