Patio Designs

Looking for patio designs and ideas? If patio plans are on your agenda, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re building a new patio or renovating a patio, CAD Pro can help you create the perfect patio plans with these design ideas and practical patio decorating tips. Patio design software is a great way to help you create the perfect deck, shade arbor, pergola or patios that will be the envy of your neighborhood.

Patio Designs

Patio Designs and Plans

Start with These Inspiring Patio Design Tips

Make A Bold Statement
One of the best ways to make a bold statement is to add a raised garden to create a wall of color along one of the sides of your deck or patio. Colorful annuals and tender perennials like nasturtium, bidens, and snapdragons ensure a no-maintenance show all season long design statement. A good garden size is a 12’ x 4’ area.

Implement a Vegetable Garden into Your Patio Plans
Creating a vegetable garden with a small footprint is perfect for planting next to your deck or patio where fresh produce is just an arm’s length away from your kitchen. A good vegetable garden size is an 8’ x 6’. Patio design software can help you accurately layout the space required for your vegetable garden.

Enjoy Perfect Fall Days Outdoors
Soften the edges of a deck or patio designs with a fall focused garden. Ornamental grasses are the stars of these types of gardens, with mums and asters playing supporting roles and adding a lot of color at the same time. A good fall focused garden size is a 14’ x 7’ area.

Soften Patio Designs with Curves
A gentle curving garden bed is a perfect border for any patio. The plantings can be low-maintenance, so the eye-popping impact of salvia, canna, and zinnias survives even the worst summer heat. A good curved garden size is a 14’ x 9’ area.

Make A Bold Impact in Small Spaces
A narrow garden bed is a perfect complement for any deck or patio. Easy-growing plants like ‘Knock Out’ roses, boxwood, and peonies create a big show you don’t have to slave over. A good small garden size is an 18’ x 4’ area.

A Charming Checkerboard Effect
A great way to add some special effects is to edge your patio with orange nasturtiums and white osteospermum in a pocket-sized garden. The annuals can be swapped out each year for a new color scheme therefore offering a new look each year for your patio designs. A good small checkerboard garden size is a 6’ x 10’ area.

Spring Blooms are Ideal
A long and narrow garden bed is an ideal way to add interest to the end of a deck or patio. As the spring stars fade, fill in your garden area with your favorite summer-flowering annuals to extend your gardening styles. A good spring bloom garden size is a 15’ x 6’ area.

Create a Shady Rest Area
A shady rest area can consist of large shrubs, decorative trees or shade arbors. This extra-easy-care garden area is the perfect way to dress up a deck or patio under the shade. A good shady rest garden size is a 18’ x 8’ area.

Patio Landscape Design Symbols
Common landscape symbols and their proper use can assist you in the creation process of your patio or landscape designs. CAD Pro includes a variety of pre-drawn symbols and landscape auto-shapes which save time and money. You can also create any type of custom symbols you may require and save them as patio symbols for future use, therefore saving time and money.

Patio Designs

Patio Design Software Symbols

Free Shady Rest Patio Plans with Shade Arbors
A shade arbor is an ideal way to add drama and beauty to any deck or patio. Decorate the arbor with your favorite vines, honey suckles or any of your favorite plants.

CAD Pro offers free do it yourself patio design plans and projects that you can customize to fit your specific needs, this is one of the easiest ways to start any weekend patio project. Free Plans include; Outdoor Kitchens, Deck Plans, Detached Garden Sheds, Tree houses and Shade Arbors, just to mention a few.

Award Winning Patio Design Software
Patio design software can make creating the yard of your dreams much easier. CAD Pro’s award-winning design software, lets you design, visualize, and document your landscape ideas clearly and efficiently. Quickly design residential or commercial landscape plans.

CAD Pro offers a full set of easy-to-use landscape design features that allow you to create any type of landscape or garden drawings for outdoor living areas. You can design complete landscape projects and quickly add them to your floor plan or plot plan.

 “…CAD Pro is excellent for quick and efficient work.”
Emily K., Sacramento, CA

Patio and Landscape Design with Interactive Web Features
Share your patio designs and drawings on the internet with linked photos, detailed notes, or voice instructions. CAD Pro is the only landscape software that offers these interactive features.

  • Record your ideas and incorporate voice instructions into your landscape designs.
  • Add pop-up text memos to support areas in plant, trees and shrub details.
  • Pop-up photos will transform your ideas into designs you can visualize.
  • Share your designs as a PDF.

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Custom gardening and landscape plans from CAD Pro have helped thousands of nurseries, landscape contractors and custom home builders streamline their workflow while producing professional results for clients and colleagues.

CAD Pro has helped thousands of homeowners, professional designers, builders and contractors plan and design all types of patio design plans. CAD Pro is used by NARI professional remodelers and contractors and the NRCA roofing contractors. CAD Pro is also used by NHBA home builders and contractors as well as the National Association of Landscape professionals.

Cad Pro software is an affordable and easy alternative to other design programs. Cad Pro is great for creating custom home plansbuilding plansoffice plansconstruction details, and much more.

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