Pet Friendly Home Designs

Pet friendly home designs involve not having to stress about your living room flooring and furniture on a daily basis, give your pets their own private area for playing, eating, and in general just being themselves!

pet friendly home designs

Cad Pro Pet Friendly Home Designs


Pet Friendly Home Designs & Rooms

For those of us who see pets as an irreplaceable part of the family, providing them with cozy creature comforts is as non-negotiable as child-proofing a house for a new baby and implementing the ultimate pet friendly home designs. From small, bright sea creatures to 150-lb dogs, truly pet-friendly home designs (and pet-proof) pads need to start at the beginning stages. If your pets are an afterthought, you may face issues like scratched-up walls, stained floors, and a shortage of space. Get inspired by these ideas for keeping your pets happy and your house looking beautiful.

Give Them a Private Pet Friendly Room

Scratches, stains, and scattered pet hair—not to mention pet furniture and litter boxes—can so quickly deteriorate your home’s aesthetic. This is especially true in high-traffic areas. Part of having great pet friendly home designs involve not having to stress about your living room flooring and furniture on a daily basis, give your pets their own private area for playing, eating, and in general just being themselves! Install a half-door (like the ones used in nurseries) and give ample space for toy and supply storage. For cats, include scratching posts and cat trees, and be sure to give dogs autonomous access to the backyard.

Even if you don’t want to close your animals in their private room all day, the playroom can help curtail some of the mess that can detract from your main areas. Extremely pet friendly home designs are best made when focusing on a design that will not take away from the other areas of the home.

Install Pet-Friendly Flooring

Install flooring that won’t catch and show too much hair or get scratched easily. Thick carpet isn’t ideal since the pet hair gets matted into the fibers. Hardwood is easy to scratch. As alternatives, consider materials like vinyl, laminate, or even cork or treated bamboo—eco-friendly options that we love here at Home Improvement Leads. If you’re worried about your pets slipping and sliding on hard surfaces, keep their nails trimmed and use rugs that are low pile and easy to clean off. Indoor/outdoor rugs are great for areas where your pet might make a mess, like where they eat and drink. You can easily hose them off. If you love squishy comfort beneath your feet but also love cleanliness, another bright idea is using re-arrangeable and removable carpet tiles.

Don’t Skimp on the Pet Friendly Amenities

Getting clever with your pet friendly home designs can save you plenty of space and lots of trouble. Install a washing station in the mudroom that’s level with the floor, but also has a ledge surrounding it to contain the water. If your pet eats in the kitchen, install a drawer at the bottom of your island that has feeding bowls, so you can easily tuck it out of sight after meal time. If you have a cat, it will want a perch like a window seat, so consider installing bay windows with a window seat and storage underneath for cat supplies.

Use Fashionable Pet Furniture

If your space is a little tight and your pet supplies need to be stored in major areas, you can still keep your home’s aesthetic. Splurge for a more modern-looking cat tree (as opposed to the kind that are covered in drab carpeting) and litter box storage that looks like furniture. Get a patterned dog bed that matches the room’s color scheme and shows hair and dirt less. Your pet’s supplies can be an extension of the decor rather than an obstacle. Pet friendly home designs don’t have to be fashion-less with the influx of trendy pet products available.

Be Practical about Pet Hair

No matter which surfaces you choose for your home, pet hair tends to be a problem regardless. Get a robotic vacuum cleaner that can take care of the mess while you’re gone, and a handheld vacuum for quick clean-ups. An air purifier can help ease allergic reactions to pet hair. Try to match your furniture and flooring to your pet’s hair so you can feel free to clean a little less frequently. Following a few of these pet friendly home designs will help you and your fur babies to rest easy and happy in your well-designed home.