Tiny Bedroom Decorating Ideas

In this article we will provide some valuable tiny bedroom decorating ideas. These inexpensive tiny bedroom ideas will save a lot of time and money while providing style and good taste when decorating your new room.

So, you’ve recently moved into a new house and you finally have enough time to start decorating it. During the move, life was a whirlwind of additional responsibilities plus you had to continue to manage your day to day life. Somewhere along the way you never realized that your bedroom is much smaller than your last one and decorating it isn’t going to be as easy as you thought.

Some people will focus their tiny bedroom decorating ideas on making their bedroom look as stylish as possible. Others will attempt to make it look amazing while sticking to a strict budget. Still others will look forward to the challenge of making their new bedroom digs look off the charts awesome so they can wow their friends and family members with their inexpensive tiny bedroom ideas.

Tiny Bedroom Decorating Ideas with Pizzazz

Which camp do you fall in? Are you decorating on a budget? Are you exciting for the challenge? Are you ready to glitz your room with style and pizzazz? Or do you have a totally different goal altogether?

No matter where you land on the spectrum, just know it’s possible to make your tiny bedroom decorating ideas look truly amazing. So, please use our favorite inexpensive tiny bedroom ideas and you’ll make your smallish bedroom look absolutely fabulous.

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Tiny Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Best Tiny Bedroom Decorating Ideas

5 Beautiful Tiny Bedroom Decorating Ideas

One: Tuck Your Bed into a Corner
First of all, your bed is going to take up a large portion of the space in a tiny bedroom, so you have to tuck it into a corner to get it out of the way as much as possible. So, look around the room at your four corners. Which one is best for the bed? Which one will leave you with additional space? Choose this corner and move your bed there as one of the tiny bedroom decorating ideas.

Having your bed in the corner of the room creates difficulties when it comes time to making it. You’ll have to slide it out from the wall to properly fix the side up against it, so keep this in mind and leave enough room on the floor to slide the bed out when it’s time to make it.

On a more positive note, when the bed is tucked in the corner it feels a lot cozier. So, the unintended consequence is you may end up sleeping better and more comfortably this way. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, right?

Tiny Bedroom Decorating Ideas with Mirrors

Two: Make Your Bedroom Larger with Mirrors
Mirrors are one of the easiest inexpensive tiny bedroom ideas. Just because you happen to have a small bedroom, doesn’t mean it has to look overly tiny. You can strategically add mirrors in a small bedroom, and it will create the illusion of an expanded, much larger space.

How do you make this happen? First, when you position your mirrors, make sure they reflect the light of a window. By placing the mirror this way, you’ll not only make the room look larger, but you’ll also bring additional natural light into the space. So not only will it look bigger, it will also look much brighter, happier, and more appealing.

What about a big mirror? Is it easy to incorporate them into the space? Well, you should pick up a body length mirror and instead of hanging it on the wall, you just need to lean it up against it. There’s no need to drill holes or create a massive DIY project with your full-length mirror.

On the other hand, if it’s going to be unsecured you could always get some wall tacky to secure it there. This will bring you additional peace of mind and make the mirror stay in place.

Give this mirror thing a try right away as one of these tiny bedroom decorating ideas. You’ll immediately notice how much bigger and brighter your tiny bedroom could look with a little bit of TLC and mirror magic to guide the way.

Three: Wallpaper A Great Addition for Tiny Bedrooms
You have a small bedroom. We get it. And we want your little room to look fantastic. Adding wallpaper will make it so. No one said your room needs to be dull because it’s small and we feel this way too.

Guess what? When you add wallpaper with a bold pattern, it really begins to become the focal point of the room. Instead of wallpapering the entire room, just wallpaper one wall for one of the inexpensive tiny bedroom ideas. Pick the wall immediately behind the headboard of your bed because it will really stand out here and look absolutely stunning.

Believe it or not, certain people tend to believe that wallpaper will make your room look cluttered and small. This could definitely be true if you choose the wrong wallpaper. On the other hand, if you choose the perfect style and technique your wallpaper is going to make the room look much bigger and bolder.

So, how do you choose the right wallpaper for a smaller room? For starters, you need to pick one with a large-scale pattern. Smaller patterns look very busy and make a room look confining. Larger patterns tend to open up the room and make it look much bigger.

Next, make sure your wallpaper perfectly matches and coordinates well with your bedding and other decorations. By approaching your choice this way, your room will look cohesive and everything will match and look like it belongs together.

Four: Floating Shelves add Additional Space
Floating shelves are amazing when you live in a small bedroom and are one of the more popular tiny bedroom decorating ideas. Instead of a need for large, bulky furniture like bookcases, end tables, nightstands, and desks, these floating shelves can take their place without taking up additional space on your floor.

Guess what? In some situations, you just have to be creative because you aren’t going to be able to fit a desk or a bookcase into your tiny bedroom. So as one of the inexpensive tiny bedroom ideas you can put in floating shelves and utilize your wall space instead of going without certain conveniences you’ve become accustomed to.

Five: Add a Wall Niche or Alcove
If you own your home, you can add a wall niche or alcove to the room to free up additional space. If you rent, you’ll need to get permission from your landlord and he or she may or may not comply with your request. But as a renter, don’t just start making renovations without permission because you could open up a huge can of worms that’s better off left closed.

In most cases, the walls of your bedroom will be made of sheet rock. Sheet rock is hollow and it has spaces between the wooden or metal studs. All you’ll need to do is find the studs and cut out holes in the sheetrock to make your niches or alcove between them.

Extra space is one of the tiny bedroom decorating ideas that’s hard to add. You may or may not have a deep alcove depending on how much space is between the sheet rock wall in your bedroom and the wall behind it. But at least you’ll have some additional space that you wouldn’t normally have otherwise. You can put personal items there like your alarm clock, phone, and other odds and ends instead of putting them on a nightstand.

So, consider creating an alcove or wall niche in your small bedroom. You’ll certainly love the additional space and it will even make your room look more appealing and definitely more stylish and it’s one of the most popular inexpensive tiny bedroom ideas.

Final Thoughts for Tiny Bedroom Decorating Ideas

We hope you enjoyed the ideas we’ve shared today? We certainly hope so because they will make your life better and make your tiny room feel a little bit bigger. These tips can even free up additional room for a sexy and practical new cabinet, which you can find at best online cabinets.

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