Accurate Window Replacement Cost

Although you may take your windows for granted, they remain an integral part in maintaining a comfortable home. So, after years of home ownership, you’ll probably have to replace a few windows in your home if not all your windows. Therefore, you will need an accurate window replacement cost before starting your project. It’s important that you review all options listed below for replacement window installation, types of windows and cost.

Unfortunately, these invisible barriers are fragile and can be broken with minimal amounts of force. The cost to replacement windows will vary upon size, number of windows needed, style and quality, but despite the many brands and options available, accurate window replacement cost and installation are easy to find if you know what you’re looking for.

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Accurate Window Replacement Cost

Accurate Window Replacement Cost and Installation

Are your window frames rotting?
Before you can create an accurate window replacement cost, it’s important to inspect the existing window frames for damage or rot from insects and moisture. If the window’s frame is soft to the touch, cracking or showing other signs of wear, it will need to be replaced. If it’s still solid, you can opt to simply install new glass, which will save you money and time.

If you have to replace the wooden frames, expect your replacement window installation and materials to double.

Accurate Window Replacement Costs

Before you construct a window replacement estimate, it’s important to have a general idea as to where you plan on purchasing your new replacement windows.

Big-box stores may be the best option if you don’t want to get “hands on.” These stores will generally have fair prices for material and great insurance, but the commission and installation costs may be high.

It’s important that you find qualified contractors and window manufacturers before you start your replacement window installation project.

Here are some window replacement cost breakdowns. For a standard-size, double-hung, double-pane (energy efficient), vinyl window, expect to pay between $400 and $650, including installation.

Wood windows are more expensive. The cost of a wood replacement window can range between $750 and $1,500 per window and installation.

If the entire window and framing must be removed (down to the studs), be prepared to add at least $50 to $150 per installation of each window. This is referred to as new construction windows or “full-frame” replacement windows and requires more work at an additional cost. This must be considered if you want an accurate window replacement cost.

Although the overall cost to replace windows can be very steep, it should be looked at as an investment, and you can reasonably expect your home’s value to increase.

Replacement Window Installation and Styles

Depending on climate or preferences, there are several different types of windows, each of which features its own set of attributes and cost.

Double-Hung Windows
Double-hung windows are designed to be opened from the top or bottom, are great for hard-to-reach areas, and are generally the most inexpensive. These traits make double-hung windows the most commonly installed type of replacement window.

Tilt-Out Windows
Tilt-out windows fold in or out to reveal the glass’s exterior, which allows it to be cleaned from inside your home. These types of windows are great for areas where exterior accessibility is limited, but they are typically more expensive than standard double-hung windows.

Double-Pane Glass
Double-pane glass is widely available with the different encasement types, but it does carry an enhanced cost. Double-pane glass features an airtight space that is filled with inert gas. This method of construction helps with climate control, and paired with a properly sealed home, you can expect to save on utility costs.

High-Performance Glass
Depending on your environment (or your wallet), you might want to explore the performance offered from the different types of specialty glass. You can get triple-pane windows for added savings, impact-resistant windows for areas of extreme conditions, or windows with shades built between the glass for a touch of modern living. These high-performance glass types are the most expensive to procure, but the added benefits may be worth the extra cost and these features will need to considered before hand if you want an accurate window replacement cost.

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