Tiny Homes & Retirement 2016 Study

Tiny homes or tiny houses and the micro-apartment movement is gaining popularity with the retirement community. Tiny houses is a general term for living accommodations smaller than 450 sq. ft. which are built on a relocatable trailer frame.

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Tiny Homes Study Shows Growing Market

A new Merrill Lynch Retirement Study provides data showing that the tiny house movement is a growing trend among the older and cost conscious home buyers. These houses can offer the retired seniors a more disposable income and the ability to survive within a fixed Social Security budget and/or part time job. One of the main reasons for buying these small houses is a factor of saving 60% or more of your recurring cost of living.

Some of the main reasons retirees move to smaller homes; Reduced Monthly Cost, Less Maintenance and Up Keep, Fewer Family Members Live in the Home, Provides Additional Cash from Previous Home Sale.

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Tiny Homes

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