Popular Closet Design Trends

Closets are no longer just a space to store clothes, shoes, and accessories. These popular closet design trends have homeowners choosing to allocate significant square footage to their “dressing rooms.” To get a better idea of what closet design features homeowners are looking for in these luxurious spaces we’ve found nine closet design trends that stood out.

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Popular Closet Design Trends

Popular Closet Design Trends and Features

Nine Popular Closet Design Trends

Luxe Lighting
The closet design pros have cited integrated and often dramatic lighting as a request they’ve heard more from homeowners in recent years. Lighted rods and shelves, interior cabinet lights, lights that shine on cabinets, and LED lights highlighting other specific areas of the closet space seem to be coming up in designers closet design features.

Mixed Materials
We’ve also found that popular closet design trends often follow in the footsteps of kitchen trends. That pattern may be at play in the number of homeowners and designers asking for and installing closets that combine different colors and materials. Whereas for years you picked white, black, wood grain, whatever, now there’s a tremendous surge of color mixing. One example might be a base color for vertical panels and shelves, and another for drawers and doors.

Warmer Wood Looks
The rustic character that’s been such a staple of the popular farmhouse style appears to be making its way into closets as well. We are seeing closet design features migrating from ultramodern to transitional, a wanting for more warmth in the space, whether that’s wood-grain cabinetry or lighting and furnishings. Wood looks have additionally gained traction in the form of new textured melamine closet systems and other materials that appear more like natural wood than some earlier wood-grain iterations.

Dressing Rooms
The aspiring idea of a designated space just for getting dressed is no longer reserved for elite homeowners. These popular closet design trends are growing in popularity for all sizes and styles of homes.

Homeowners and designers are creating closet-dressing rooms in unused rooms of the house. While a walk-in closet was previously saved for the wealthy, everyone is now getting in the game. We see people converting dining rooms, living rooms and extra bedrooms into dressing rooms. There has been a shift from closets to dressing rooms, which includes a seating area, full-length mirror, vanity, etc.

There have been more decorated dressing room spaces, complete with details like seating, mirrors and art, appearing in the top 20 closet design features. In some instances, these dressing rooms capture a soft glamorous look and in other designs, richer colors and dramatic lighting made for edgier results.

White and Gray Colors
Professional designers are seeing more colorful options gaining in popularity such as blue, pink and purple closet features but classics like white and gray still dominate the market. Designers still say that white is the most popular choice for homeowners.

Gray, which has become a go-to shade in kitchens, bathrooms and other remodeled household spaces, is a favorite new neutral choice of popular closet design trends. The color gray is most prevalent in cabinetry and flooring. Designers have also seen a jump in a champagne-like color for painted closet surfaces. It’s not white, ivory or cream but a nice subtle combination of all three.

Brass Hardware
The pros say brushed or antique brass is a must for many homeowners. These same pros and designers also say that black and gunmetal finishes keep growing in popularity.

Classic silver drawer pulls and accents is also growing in popularity, signaling at least one disconnect between what homeowners seem to be choosing with designers and what’s still catching their eye online.

Getting the low-key look when selecting your closet design features. Investing in statement-making hardware packs a punch, even if cabinetry or other materials are relatively basic. You’re saving tons of money on the material and the faces, so you can spend a little extra on the hardware to really spice up your dressing room.

Getting the all-out look for your dressing room. Play up hardware and accents throughout the space that make other luxe details, like a statement lighting fixture, pop.

Hidden Features for Popular Closet Design Trends

Hideaway Features
The pros say, smart solutions that can neatly be tucked away remain a popular option. Designers often hide safes for valuables and integrates hidden panels or compartments into closet projects. Additionally, collapsible or pullout valet rods, hanging rods, ironing boards, drying racks and other features are desirable extras and are excellent choices for your closet design features.

Hideaway closet features are often tricky to spot in photos, but photos or blueprints that showcase a space’s capability to open or expand for more secretive space options.

Even if you’re not incorporating a slick hidden safe, adding more traditional features (such as drawers or cabinets) that keep messes contained behind closed doors or panels can achieve an organized feel. Open cubbies seem to be less popular than they once were. Everybody is either liking the cleaner look of seeing [their belongings] hanging, or [they’re] behind something.

Get creative with these popular closet design trends. In addition to hidden safes, pullout drying racks and other unexpected details, added amenities like ottomans can also be made to be tucked away and pulled out when needed while adding a lot of style.

Simple Shoe Setups
Professional designers are seeing a shift in many homeowners’ approach to shoe storage. Flat shoe shelves and hidden shoe storage seem to be more common than in years past. For years, everybody wanted an angled shoe shelf with a toe catch, and what happens is when you have sneakers or something that doesn’t have a heel, it has a tendency just to fall off. And the other thing is these slanted shoe racks eat up a ton of space.

Extravagant Closet Design Features

Extravagant Features
What the pros say. In general, closets appear to be spaces where more homeowners feel comfortable taking risks and having fun. People are taking the designs of their closets and private spaces less seriously than the rest of the home. That might mean they’re more willing to use a playful wallpaper pattern, bold colors or a nifty fold-away for their closet design features.

Even high-tech add-ons, such as an extraction ventilation system, is something homeowners are requesting. Removing unwanted smells from clothes after a night out is always a great tool. Or removing humidity from the wardrobe, avoiding damp clothes and unwanted moisture. Extraction helps to keep clothes smelling fresh and keeping the area dust-free.

When it comes to creating an updated closet space with all the latest bells and whistles, the possibilities are endless. The closet is now seen as a space worth investing in, when just a few years ago that wasn’t the case.

More homeowners are implementing these popular closet design trends. Where it used to only be people who were in $800,000-and-up homes that did their closet. It’s become much more common and much more expected from a builder. Nobody wants those darn wire shelves anymore.

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