Popular Home Design Trends

As the seasons change each year, many homeowners will start researching popular home design trends. In the home design world, things are getting very exciting. Not only are the new year’s hottest hues making their grand debut, but home design trend experts are also gearing up to make their anticipated predictions for home interiors.

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Popular Home Design Trends

Top Rated Popular Home Design Trends

Top 8 Popular Home Design Trends

Here’s some good news for those who want to get a head start on their remodeling plans: Home remodeling site Houzz, a database where millions of professionals and homeowners go to share decorating ideas, recently pulled together a list of eight popular home design trends poised to make it big and there are more than a few ideas we’d like to share with you. Read on for a glimpse into your decorating future.

ONE: – Anything-But-White Kitchens
In the kitchen, an all-white palette has reigned supreme for a long time and for good reason. They’re timeless, classic, clean, and work well with almost any style. But today’s homeowners just may be itching for change. According to popular home design trends from Houzz white cabinets are still popular with remodelers (with 40 percent of renovating homeowners installing them), there’s also more of an uptick in those searching for alternatives. Houzz points to soft hues, like light grays and blues, as on-the-rise replacements for the all-white kitchen. Another option for those who can’t part with their white cabinets. Pops of wood, which can be introduced through open shelving, countertops, drawers, and pull-outs.

TWO: – Return of Formal Dining Rooms
Whether it’s a casual weeknight supper or a Saturday dinner party, meals these days tend to be shared over informal arrangements, often within or near the kitchen. But your formal dining room can offer much more than mere storage space for your finest china. Houzz expects these popular home design trends and homeowners to treat their dining rooms as the “wow” spaces they have the potential to be, with bold colors, patterns, eye-catching light fixtures and artwork that might not fit elsewhere within the style of the home. Talk about dressing to impress.

THREE: – Spa-Like Bathroom
With bathrooms becoming more spa-like wellness retreats in the home, benches, stools, and window seats are becoming much more common and one of the popular home design trends. Keep a stool or bench near the vanity as a place to perch during your nighttime skincare routine, or by the bath as a catch-all for towels, candles, books, and face masks.

FOUR: – Tiled Bathtub Aprons
In a bathroom, tile is often one of those tricks’ designers use for popular home design trends. Tile can yield style with big results at little cost. But while you might expect to see it covering a floor or shower surround, tile can also totally transform a bath. According to Houzz, this versatile material is increasingly being used to dress up a tub apron, which adds style in addition to giving the appearance of a fixture that’s entirely built in.

FIVE: – Double Floating Vanities
Speaking of bathrooms for popular home design trends, homeowners are also looking to spruce up their sink areas with floating vanities. Beloved for their clean, minimalistic look, these contemporary favorites are practical for their ability to free up floor space, which can create an illusion of size in a room with minimal square footage.

SIX: – Exciting and Functional Laundry Rooms
It used to be that, if a homeowner wanted to have a little design fun, the default location would be the powder room. (The pint-sized space is small enough to handle big ideas and feels separate enough to work with little cohesion from the rest of the home.) But, these days, homeowners are seeking excitement in another hardworking space: the laundry room. According to Houzz, one of designers popular home design trends are increasingly using the laundry room to experiment with cheerful colors, playful patterns, and quirky design ideas, including chalkboard walls, themed wallpapers, and creative storage solutions. Anything to make the task at hand a little more enjoyable, right?

SEVEN: – Fully Wrapped Powder Rooms
Just because homeowners are expanding their creative footprint to the laundry room doesn’t mean they’re neglecting the original statement maker. On the contrary, powder rooms seem to be going even bolder and are one of the popular home design trends. According to Houzz, wallpapers are still the stars of tiny powder rooms, with designers now opting to fully surround the small space with a single eye-catcher, be it a large-print pattern or textural grasscloth.

EIGHT: – Custom Wood Range Hoods
The bathroom isn’t the only space being taken over by texture. In the kitchen, warm woods are making their way to unconventional places, including over cooktops as decorative range hoods. Along with the ubiquitous farmhouse sink, warm wood accents are perfect accompaniments for classic farmhouse-style kitchens.

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