Whirlpool Third Rack Dishwashers

When dinner is done, do not let dishes keep you away from family time. Whirlpool third rack dishwashers and trash compactors help you finish post-meal chores quickly and easily thanks to advanced features, efficient cleaning cycles and intuitive controls. Want to make sure your dishes are thoroughly cleaned in one wash? Choose a dishwasher with Soil Sensor technology. Need more room in your garbage can? Whirlpool trash compactors help reduce volume so you can reduce your trips to the big bin.

The extra rack is designed to fit mugs and bowls, freeing up space on the adjustable lower levels. Whirlpool is introducing a new line of largest-capacity third-rack dishwashers—model numbers WDTA80SAK, WDT750SAK, WDTA50SAK, WDT970SAK.

Whirlpool Third Rack Dishwashers

Whirlpool Third Rack Dishwashers

Compared with existing Whirlpool third rack dishwashers, these models’ larger third racks designed to accommodate smaller items, such as mugs and bowls, and provide extra usable space for large items on other racks. The second rack is adjustable, allowing users to raise or lower the rack depending on need, and the lower rack’s silverware basket may be separated into three pieces and rearranged to accommodate other dishes.

Whirlpool brand designs innovations knowing what customers want, top priority is caring for their families, and that was the inspiration behind our the largest-capacity third rack dishwasher line that helps families to load more dishes at one time and run their dishwasher less often. Everyone knows how frustrating it can be when there’s a few dirty dishes left behind in the sink. So, the Whirlpool third rack dishwashers help families with a dishwasher that can fit a lot in one load.”

The dishwashers are available in fingerprint-resistant black stainless or stainless steel finishes, as well as matte black, white, and biscuit. Each one features a leak detection system with a flashing light to alert users of a leak as the tub is drained. whirlpool.com

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