Interior Painting Cost

Painting is one of the easiest and most impressive ways to revive a tired interior space. But understanding interior painting cost is harder than you think, it can be downright frustrating. This breakdown of cost factors will clarify pricing and help you plan the perfect interior paint project.

Interior Painting Cost

Interior Painting Cost and Materials

Interior Painting Cost and Paints

The cost of paint varies depending on type – flat, semi-gloss, gloss, matte, satin, etc. – and brand. These choices will have a direct impact on your interior painting cost. One gallon of name-brand interior paint will usually cover up to 400 square feet, the size of a small room. Some brand names, such as Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams, can cost between $30 and $60+ per gallon. And while purchasing higher-quality paint may consume more of your budget, it can help prevent premature aging and fading, which means less repainting later.

Please keep in mind that most paint companies make a good interior paint, but they also can sell a crappy paint. Some paints hide better; some paints perform better; some paints touch up better.

Interior Painting Cost and Preparation

Paint is important, but it’s the prep work that makes a quality interior paint job possible. Putting paint on the walls is the easy part but good preparation is what matters in the long run. Thorough prep will keep your paint looking great for years and years. It’s worth every dime and will actually save on the interior painting cost.

And what is needed to do a good prep job? Time, and lots of it. Completing such tasks as masking, taping, sanding and repairing drywall takes up the bulk of any interior paint project, often requiring more than double the time required to do the actual painting.

Labor for Interior Painting Cost

Labor costs typically fall around $400 to $800 for an average-sized room (10×12 feet), not including the cost of the paint itself or finish work like trim, closets or ceilings. You can expect these prices to change if you have a large or oddly shaped space. Painting tall or hard-to-reach surfaces will require additional time and setup.

DIY vs. Hiring a Pro

According to the Angie’s List Pricing Guide, most homeowners spend between $836 and $2,360 to have their home interiors professionally painted, and up to $4,000 on the higher end. You can do it yourself for just the cost of materials, of course — particularly if you’re a skilled and experienced painter. But most homeowners find it’s worth the interior painting cost to hire a professional.

A quality interior paint pro knows the importance of good, thorough prep, saving you from making pricey mistakes that increase overall costs and often necessitate a total repaint later on. What’s more, hiring a pro will save you the time you’d spend doing the job yourself. On larger projects, this can easily add up to several weeks.

When you do hire a pro, be sure to ask plenty of questions, and know exactly what you’re getting before making a commitment. And remember that while it may be tempting to go with the lowest bidder, it’s best to carefully consider your interior painting cost options.

Going with the cheapest bid is a common problem with interior painting cost. They don’t understand what goes into doing a project the right way and they think they are comparing apples to apples; in reality, it’s apples to bananas. And in the end the you the homeowner is unhappy with the results of cheaper bid.

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