Cordless Framing Nail Gun

Senco makes some of the best cordless framing nail gun tools. The Senco F-35XP cordless framing nailer, is one of the latest battery-operated framing nail guns to hit the market. The F-35XP is a powerful nailer capable of sinking 34-degree paper-taped nails into anything most framers will work with. Unlike the typical flywheel-style drive mechanism found in many other battery-powered nail guns, Senco employs a brushless motor to set the piston within a pressurized cylinder filled with nitrogen. Senco calls this type of brushless motor “Fusion air-power technology”. Pulling the trigger releases the piston, which drives the nail. This results in no ramp-up time and the power to shoot into engineered lumber with ease and precision.

Cordless Framing Nail Gun

Senco Cordless Framing Nail Gun

Cordless Framing Nail Gun Features

The Senco F-35XP is a powerful cordless framing nail gun that’s capable of sinking 34-degree paper-taped nails into any type of framing lumber. Unlike the flywheel-style drive mechanism found in many other battery-powered cordless framing nailer. The big advantage of the Senco F-35XP is when you have to setup up on smaller jobs.

When compared to other cordless nailers, the Senco’s 18-volt F-35XP has a 60-nail magazine that accommodates nails up to 3 1/2 inches long and 0.148 inch in diameter. The Senco kit includes two 3.0-Ah batteries, a 5-amp quick charger, and a carrying bag. The nailer also has a handy, bright-green indicator light that informs you if the tool is on and shows you what mode it’s in. One of the more convenient features is the easy, no-tool depth adjustment.

At 11.37 pounds with a battery, this nailer is hefty, when compared to other battery-operated framing nailers. If you are thinking about going mobile with your next cordless framing nail gun, you should give the Senco F-35XP a serious look. The quality, power, and features are worthy of the price tag and added weight.

When combining true pneumatic feel, speed, and power with cordless convenience, the Senco F-35XP drives up to 3-1/2” x .148” framing nails into the hardest framing materials without the expense and hassle of fuel cells of a cordless framing nailer. The robust design and durable construction makes the F-35XP an ideal framing nailer for professional framers and contractors.

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