Flexible Space Home Floor Plans

Flexible space home floor plans for the 55-plus home buyer, it’s important to understand the hurdles these buyers might feel they have to overcome. It is also important to demonstrate how new-home flexible space home floor plans features and technology can offer solutions for any concerns they may have when shopping for a new home design.

Downsizing is an idealistic notion for a huge demographic that no longer needs so many rooms in their house. It can mean less cleaning, fewer rooms to heat and cool, etc. But, there are quite a few empty nesters that have trouble envisioning actually making the move down. This is when doubt can slip in, and your buyer starts to ask the following questions:

  1. Where do their kids and grandkids stay when they visit?
  2. What about the home office in their current home?
  3. Where can I have my own space to escape to?

The solution is flexible space home floor plans.

Sure, many builders offer flex rooms that simply look like another empty space to fill, and then it’s up to the buyer to determine how to use it. The bad part about this strategy is that if doubt or indecision slips into the buyer’s mind regarding this room, you might not get the sale.

The flexible space home floor plans will help in alleviating these doubts. The flexible floor plan, technically a two-bedroom home at just less than 2,300 square feet, features a flex room with clever furniture solutions that actively demonstrate how it will fit into the lives of anyone who walks in.

Resource furniture solutions can install a built-in solution that allows the flex room to transform into a variety of rooms within seconds—allowing a buyer to easily see exactly how this room can be used in multiple ways.

A swing-out desk converts the room into the home office with a place for a laptop and files, providing a perfect spot for productivity. It also was designed to feature plenty of natural light and copious storage space.

But perhaps the buyer isn’t interested in a home office? The desk can swing in to convert the room into a getaway with a comfy sofa and its own TV. During the flexible space home floor plans debut at your open house, many who tour the home will talk about how the flex space also could be used as a yoga room.

Flex rooms have been around for some time now, but advances in technology and design have really expanded the possibilities of these spaces. Let potential home buyers play around with it, and they will envision their own uses for the room. The beauty of the flex room is that we are leaving it up to the homeowner to decide what the room will be for them. Demonstrating this flexibility to the consumer will blow them away and alleviate any concerns about a lack of accommodations.

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flexible space home floor plans

Flexible Space Home Floor Plans

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